What is loneliness?

What is loneliness?

It’s this feeling of despair, something in your heart that keeps weighing you down. It’s always there, sometimes you just don’t notice it. After a while you just get used to it. Accept it. No one is ever going to like you. Nothing will ever change.

Saturday nights spent alone. Wondering why. Everyone else has plans, why not you? You’ve tried. Yes, you’ve definitely tried. But, look around, you’re still alone. Is it you or is it them? It must be you. But what more can you do? Change yourself completely until you no longer exist?

It’s ok, you say to yourself. A man should be able to enjoy his own company. So you’re the solitary reaper. So what? You don’t want to be with those losers anyway. Let’s just get a nice hot cup of coffee and sit down and watch a good movie, you say. There’s no nicer way to spend your time. But it never leaves you. It just keeps gnawing away at your spirit. Why? Why me?


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